Six Feet Apart: The Interviews

Interviews pertaining to the Corona Virus

Upcoming on RBN's "Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy"
Saturdays, 7pm EST (6c/5m/4p) 
8/1, Ingri Cassel ~ 8/8, Alfred Lambremont Webre   
8/15, David Stephan & Madame Ghis/DrLanctot  
RBN Archive:  

*59. A House Divided Cannot Stand ~ Pastor Dr. Stella Emmanuel

*58. What's Hot 7/27? Recordings of Important Videos BEFORE they Disappear! ~ Elkordy

57. Dr. Viera Scheibner & Author Christina England

*56. COVID before GONE: Dr. Simotti + Anonymous + Dr. Sam Mugzzi's show July 21

  *55. Grab 'em BEFORE they DISAPPEAR ~ Dr. Richard Bartlett TX

54. Virginia Young on COVID-19 & Infant Separation
*53. Health Risks of MASKS EXPOSED by Tammy Clark & Kristen Meghan ~ Sallie Elkordy 
*52. CENSORED!!! "1986 THE ACT" & The Andy Wakefield Podcast Lori Gregory
*51.  Duty of Care in he Era of COVID ~ Drs. Kaufman, Carley & Daniels 
50. Peggy Hall of on Masks &
49.  Pamela Evans Gerry, RN, CCT of on Fasting
48. Victoria Stewart-Meyers, "Pandemic Over- Back to School" 
*47. "A Special Kind of Stupid" -Jeremy Elliot 
46. Independence Day with Ingri Cassel of
45. Trump's EO ~ Connie Reguli and Terri LaPoint 
44. Iris Figueroa Patient Advocate
43. NY Assemblyman David DiPietro  
42. Sherrie Saunders & Rachel Abramovitz
41. Mark Blaxill, Infant Morality Drops 30% during COVID due to Decreased Visits to Pediatricians
40. Mary O'Neil, Special Ed Teaching during COVID
39. Les Jamieson on 5G (part 2) & Sallie Elkordy on Vaccines
38. Les Jamieson re: 5G on Immunize Wizely on RBN (part 1) 
37. Christina England on June 13th for #ExposeBillGates Day
*36. Nurse Erin Marie, Report from NYC from May 22 ~
*35. Sallie Elkordy, HR6800, HEROES Act passed House
Listen at 42:38 ~
34. Wendy Callahan on VFA with guest host Ingri Cassel
33. Amy Bohn's Petition to Protect Children from Quarantine Centers with Guest Host Terri LaPointe
32. Dr. Leonard Coldwell**
31. Paul Turner & Sallie O. Elkordy, 3 Vaccine Aware Actions
30. Jamie Cosenza, HR748, HR6666, Walmart Tracers 
29. Erik Rodriguez, CA Liberty Fest,
*28. Ammon Bundy ~ WA Children's Quarantine Centers
27. Mary Bailey
*26. Sallie Elkordy ~ Trump promotes Operation Warp Speed 
25. Roxy Lopez ~ HR748 Jan.2019!, 6 Trillion Bank Bailout
24. Alfred Lambremont Webre
23. Sallie O. Elkordy ~ COVID-19, "A Peculiar Blessing"
22. Ingri Cassel ~ "The Vaccine Religion"** & *
21. Paul Turner & Roxy Lopez 
*20. Overview of COVID through 4/27/20
19. Sallie O. Elkordy 
18. Sally Fallon
17. Sandy Lunoe
16. Christopher Wyatt 
15. Sheriff Richard Mack
14. Joe Jones
13. Senta Depuydt
12.  Les Jamieson
11.  Joel Lord
10. Christina England
9. Robert Scott Bell
8. Ingri Cassel
7. Alfred Lambremont Webre**
(much more at
6. Mary O'Neil
5.  David Oldham
4. Neville Raymond
3. James P. Hilton
2. Sallie O. Elkordy**

1. Jane Burgermeister**  

SUBMIT the following to Sallie O. Elkordy at  
 ~ Events for "20-20 Vaccine Clarity Tour" (
 ~ "Scientific Exemptions from Vaccination for All Humanity"

By SEPARATING us they have UNIFIED us!

Artwork by Joe Jones of
*Compilations of Recordings BEFORE they are Censored
**Videos thanks to Otto Lund of FalconsCafe on Bitchute




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  2. "The Pandemic Illusion and Global Governance" by Kevin Magur Galalae

  3. Dr. Andrew Kaufman is worth listening to:


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