20 Events in 20-20 ~ Year of CLARITY about Disparity on Vaccines

January 1, 20-20 at 12am Virginia Young and her family in Texas started "One Night... One Light" in remembrance of those who have been damaged or have passed due to vaccination.  This has been conducted for many years and people all over the world participate  Somber note to start each year with, but in raising awareness of these tragedies they hope to prevent future tragedies from occurring.  Some people who've participated sent photos: https://billiontoddlermarchforsurvival.blogspot.com/2016/01/one-nightone-light-honoring-vaccine.html
February 23, 20-20  Margie Schaeffer in Pennsylvania (pictured beneath on the left with Kathryn Orosz at the March 5, 2019 U. S. Senate Health Committee hearing impairments in DC) will be conducting a "VACCINE TRUTH PROGRAM:  Learn How You Can Make an Educated Decision" ~ Learn a self-care lymphatic drainage protocol; Learn more about... over 4.2 Billion awarded by the Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, current CDC schedule of 69-72 doses of vaccines never tested for safety or efficacy, Rights to medical, religious, moral/ethical exemptions to vaccination, and Full Disclosure of Vaccine Ingredients. ~ Sunday, February 23 from 2-4 pm (Optional PCIC Post Card Party) at Synergy Massage & Wellness Center 13593 Monterey Lane, Blue Ridge Summit, PA ~ Contact massage@synergymassage.com or call 877-372-6617.  Recent interview with Margie:  https://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/vaccine-free-america-w-sallie-elkordy-february-22-2020/. 
February 24, 20-20 ~ Panel:  David Stephan and his wife fight to remain free to raise their children in the wake of their son's death by medical error, with Madame Ghis of Personocratia.com.  Having won a 7 year battle, June 11th the Stephans head back to court once again due to an appeal... on his birthday.  Host Sallie O. Elkordy.  LISTEN: http://tobtr.com/11682271.
February 26-28, 20-20 ~ 10am ~ Sarah Carrasco in Colorado, "Colorado parents are losing their rights to make informed medical decisions for their children. We will attend hearings, bring informational signage and hand out flyers to those passing by.  We oppose SB20-156 because it allows for STI exams in schools, prescriptions and medical procedures to be administered to minors without parental consent or knowledge. We oppose SB20-163 as it gives all vaccine exemptions to medical doctors or vaccinating professionals. Medical doctors receive bonuses based on vaccine rates, they are incentivized to NOT sign exemptions which deteriorates our civil, parental and religious rights. SB20-163 also calls for the implementation of a database for all children who miss even one vaccine; the database includes the child's school of attendance, Date of birth, home address etc.  We support HB20-1239 which is a Vaccine Consumer Protection Act. This bill requires doctors to have knowledge of how to identify vaccine injury and provides informed consent on vaccines.  Our children are ours to raise. The state has no right to conduct physical exams on our children and provide pharmaceuticals or perform medical procedures without consent. These bills go too far.  Stand up. Be heard. Be brave." https://www.facebook.com/events/132248011465561/
March 1, 20-20 EMPTY STROLLER WALK ~ Parents whose children have died due to vaccination (and those in sympathy with them) walk down Main Street wherever they live and bring empty Strollers and educational materials.  Put the picture of a child who has passed from vaccination on the inside back of the stroller. or place this picture beneath there.  72 doses of vaccines administered to children through age 18.  33 of those doses in the first year of life and multiple shots as each pediatrician's visit.  Here are the toxic contents in vaccines:  Tinyurl.com/VaccineContents.  Did you know that administering one shot to a 6 lb. infant would be like giving a 180 lb. adult 30 shots on the same day?  Do you know any adult brave enough to take 30 shots in one day?  Now multiply that by 5 or 7 shots as illustrated below.  WHOA... and woe.

You can also use this photo on the inside back of the stroller.  10 of these children died in infancy and I interviewed their parents all in one week's time.  That is definitely a record and reflects the 10-15% of infants dying from vaccination.  You can find these interviews and 40 more here:  Tinyurl.com/YellowVax.
Please SIGN our petition for a National Memorial to Vaccine Victims to be place on the Mall in Washington, DC in 2020:  Tinyurl.com/VVVM2020.  Thank you.  Please also share it.
Returning to the scene of the crime, bereaved parent Suzanne Fuhri stands with her empty stroller underneath the sign of the pediatrician who administered the vaccines which killed her son Tommy.  #MommyLovesTommy ~ https://www.facebook.com/events/3583339038406436/
March 3, 20-20 ~ RALLY at the NY State Capital to bring attention to dangerous proposed legislation including adding the HPV vaccine and annual flu shot to the schedule to attend school and Vaccination without Parental Consent.
Pictures from Albany at the NY State Capital:
 "Cuomo Offers Up New York as corona virus vaccine laboratory": https://nypost.com/2020/04/15/cuomo-offers-up-new-york-as-coronavirus-vaccine-laboratory/
 Thanks to Robert Scott Bell for promoting our Events!  
March 17, 20-20 ~ Banner for Parades for St. Patrick's Day in NYC (join us).  Not in NYC?  Feel free to grab and print it for YOUR local St. Pat's Parades!  Tinyurl.com/HonorParents
 Banner the same size as the "Vaccine Free NYC" banners we have carried in past years and can be ordered at VistaPrint.com (code "THANKS20", get 20% off):  vinyl, small, horizontal indoor.
March 28, 20-20 ~ Kathleen Colfer Seravalli (right) of the NJ Medical Freedom Alliance will be holding a book signing in New Jersey for...
Author Vic Naumov's "Generation Sick" https://www.facebook.com/events/507796633198874/.
April 2, 20-20 ~ Autism Awareness Day ~ Sallie Elkordy & Yuka Azuma's Screening of "VAXXED II" in Queens, NY https://gathr.us/screening/31127
 Autism Mother Heather Walker will be taking your questions after the film is over.  Heather is the NVIC-NY Representative (nvicadvocacy.org).  Her life (and so many others) has been turned upside down since religious exemptions have been removed in NY State.  LISTEN: https://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/vaccine-free-america-w-sallie-elkordy-february-15-2020/
 Late April 20-20 ~ Joel Lord, author of KeepThemfromHarm.com and founder of the VaccineResistanceMovement.com and Ted Kuntz, https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/ are holding a VACCINATION FORUM in Vancouver, Canada.
Interview with Joel and Paul Turner of Restore Liability to the Vaccine Makers (https://www.facebook.com/groups/restoreliability/).  LISTEN to "Vaccine Problems and Solution"
May 1, 20-20 ~ Anti-Abduction Human Trafficking Seminar presented by Shidoshi Nathan Ingram of The DAS Martial Arts Federation ~ Vital Information and Effective Technique with Honored Guest Grandmaster Dr. Odette Russell of Sister Warriors Against Madness (SWAM) Marshall Arts.   6:30pm at The D. A. S. Headquarters at 225 Park Row Chinatown, NYC  Tickets 201-428-0989 
Interview with Brother Mason X and Grand Masters Odette Russell & Gerard Munajj
about previous event in March by Sallie O. Elkordy on Public Advocate radio...
May 23, 20-20 in Michigan ~ If you would like to join Janice Hicks (above) & Joe Jones (beneath) in Michigan contact me Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeNYC1.  Joe's the artist of many of the banners on this blog:  Airmail-Greetings.com.
May 30, 20-20 ~ Coordinators Allie French, Maggie Strugnell and Maryellen Sunshine of #MMAMV, Millions March Against Vaccine Mandates everywhere!  Interview:  https://www.brighteon.com/b2d6b98c-ad00-4b4e-801d-58326b378468, Website,  www.UNITEDMMAMV.com, FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/MMAMV/.  Latest interview with these ladies and Roger Landry of TheLibertyBeacon.com was on March 7, 2020: https://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/vaccine-free-america-w-sallie-elkordy-march-7-2020/.
Promoted 3 VACCINE AWARE EVENTS with co-host PAUL TURNER on "Public Advocate" Radio: http://tobtr.com/11744802  ~ see blog:  Tinyurl.com/VaccineAware 
SIGN Petition too!  Tinyurl.com/VVM2020
June 6, 20-20 Americans join the International Revolution for Choice for the 4th Year in NYC.  
Last year's US Action in Solidarity with the International Community was on the steps of City Hall 
in NYC:  http://Tinyurl.com/IVIAD-ScientificExemption.  Cannot secure the steps this year 
due to COVID-19.  Will let people know where we will convene in 2020 when we do.
June 20-20 ~ Deborah Jennings in Rhode Island will be organizing an event, yet to be established.
July 1-10, 20-20 ~ Montreal, Quebec ~ Madame Ghis ~ Personocratia.com
August 20-20 ~  Jim O'Kelly in Indiana securing a large hall http://ShotsOfTruth.com
August 20-20 ~ Ingri Cassel in Idaho will be announcing her Event shortly.  Listen on Saturdays to her radio show "Immunize Wizely" on RBN, RepublicBroadcasting.org at 8pm EST (7ct/6mt/5pt).  Call into her show in the second hour at 800-313-9443.  Archive at Tinyurl.com/ImmunizeWizely
OCTOBER Vaccine Injury Awareness Month 20-20 ~ Both Diane Goode (above) 
& Yuka Azuma (beneath) will be conducting Educational Forums!
Expecting BIG things from Allona Lahn who organized events throughout Australia for  
the 10th Anniversary of OCTOBER, Vaccine Injury Awareness Month in 2019:  Tinyurl.com/10thBlackRibbon
November 30, 20-20 ~ Christina England, journalist for The Liberty Beacon ( https://wp.me/p2X3AR-DA5) and author of "Shattered Dreams:  The HPV Vaccine Exposed" is hosting a Forum  by the same title on the HPV Vaccine in the UK.  Sterling line-up of SPEAKERS!  Purchase tickets here:  https://www.tickettailor.com/events/christinaengland/359205.
For multiple interviews with HPV vaccine victims and their mothers, please investigate Tinyurl.com/LegacyHPV covering victims of one shot, two shots and all three shots.

Check back for additional events and updates on existing ones...

Interview with Joshua: http://tobtr.com/11665355 & Website www.visforvaccine.com
Beginning May 1, 20-20 ~ Erik Rodriguez Conquers CA's Rules & Regulations 
WeHaveRights.com and LiberyFestCA.com.  Interview:  http://tobtr.com/11741034 
Thanks to Paul Turner for changing the verbiage and thusly people's perception.
Special thanks to our families.  Were it not for their sacrifices, 
we might not ever WIN on behalf of all families.
Tune into "Vaccine Free America with Sallie Elkordy" on RBN, RepublicBroadcasting.org 
to keep abreast of event updates every Saturday at 7pm EST (6ct/5mt/4pt).
Lots more info here:  Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeMedia
Contact Sallie at Tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeNYC1.


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